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    welcome to our club #noplayerleftbehind #wandertogether #playerdevelopment Play club soccer for free this fall! Pay no Fall tuition No long term commitment For Boys & Girls born in 2011 to 2016 Click For More Info join our family today Request an Evaluation August 9 Tyngsboro Sports Center 6:00-7:00PM Birth Years 2007 thru 2012
    7:00-8:00PM Birth Years 2002 thru 2006
    August 10 Pingree School 6:00-7:30PM Birth Years 2009 thru 2012
    loyalty program Wanderers for Life No Play, No Pay Tuition Lock Learn More

    Why Wanderers?

    Our goal here at Wanderers is to provide the most expansive youth soccer program possible. The reality is that what we do here is so much more important than soccer. Soccer is the vehicle and we all love the game or we would not be here. Ultimately, we are trying to teach our young athletes skills, habits, and values that will last a life time. Take a deeper dive through the site to see what we provide. Contact us with any questions. We believe you will not be disappointed. We are challenging what most people expect from a youth soccer club. We feel deeply we are on the right path. We hope you will consider joining the Wanderers family! Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

    the soccer…

    We are here for our deep love of the game. We are sure you understand how we feel. When it comes to what you can expect to see on the pitch ,it is simple. We are striving for a technical proficient possessions based, creative, and attacking style of play.

    the culture…

    You will find a culture based on family, support, and playing the game for a higher purpose. We love to post more goals than our opponents but in a grande scheme of life that is not the most important thing. Our definition of “WIN” is excelling in “What’s Important Now.”

    performance and health…

    At Wanderers we provide a full Sports Performance and Health program for all of our athletes. This could be the most important thing we do. Ensuring the health and safety of our players is our greatest responsibility. We take it seriously.


    A major part of the Wanderers program is what we do away from the game. We offer opportunities for our athletes to experience the game through other avenues as officials, mentors, coaches and volunteering in the community.